Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Cow Manure

Dairy farmers take many steps to maintain the beauty of the planet by dealing with poop. Yes, poop. It’s not pretty, and it can smell unpleasant, but the way dairy farmers deal with the manure their cows produce is incredibly important to sustaining the health of the environment.

What’s so Special About Cow Poop?

Think about the foods consumed by cows on a daily basis. These foods serve as fuel for cows to help them produce delicious milk. The same nutrients cows consume are the same ones that construct the perfect cow poop.

Before reaping the benefits of cow manure, it must first be composted. Composting cow manure gets rid of weed seeds, ammonia gas and pathogens. This manure is then generally mixed with vegetable and garden scraps as well as straw or hay. Not only does this richen the soil, the total mixture of this compost increases the soils ability to hold moisture, which means it will naturally provide additional water supplements to the exposed plant roots.

Dairy Farmers or Environmentalists?

Both. Dairy farmers are sustaining the health of the environment through their utilization of poop. Ever heard the saying, “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.”? That is exactly what farmers are doing. In recycling cow poop, they are able to reuse its nutrients to create a nourishing fertilizer that aids in increasing the general health of plants. Remember the water and nutrient retention that is created in the composition of the manure? Think of all the water usage that will be reduced!

The production of cow manure not only reduces the amount of waste and saves water, it enriches the soil that is used to grow more cow feed. Yes, cow poop may smell bad, but it is good for the environment!

What are you doing to limit your water usage and amount of waste? Whether it is creating your own compost, recycling or shopping with reusable bags, try to find ways to contribute to sustaining the earth’s environment. Every little action helps!